Are you on a strict weight loss diet? Well, I hope you are aware that take certain food or food groups in your diet can hurt your metabolism. If you’re getting confused about everything I am saying, then let me try to explain what metabolism really is first, and how it is affected by our diet.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism, in the simplest explanation, is a biochemical process of burning food and converting it into energy and essential components on a cellular level. This is utilized by the body for breathing, pumping blood, digesting food, thinking, etc.

Restricting certain food can greatly affect the amount of nutrients and minerals that your body receives. Also, another misconception that I want to clear out is that boosting metabolism is beneficial to anyone and not just to those who want to increase their fat burning and hasten their weight loss processes.

As we age, our metabolism slows down, so people over 50 can also benefit from eating these food that boost metabolism. Check them out one by one;


10 Best Food to Boost Your Metabolism


1. Eggs

Egg whites, in particular, contains a huge band of amino acids. Amino acids are essential to the cells as it helps carry out metabolic processes. Also, eggs, in a whole, is rich in protein which helps build muscles. Two to three eggs a day are good enough.

2. Lean meat

Lean meat is jam-packed with minerals, especially iron. Minerals are needed by the cells to burn out calories.

3. Jalapenos, Hot Peppers, and Chilies

Do you know why jalapenos, hot peppers, and chilies are hot and spicy? It contains a natural chemical called capsinoid or capsaicin. This chemical commands your hormones to raise your heart rate. Once your heart rate is increased, your body will need more oxygen, hence, your breathing will increase too. Not a lot of people know that inhaling more oxygen can boost metabolism and calorie burning. If you do not like or have not eaten chilies before, you can gradually add bits of it in your salads or sandwiches, and increase the amount once you feel comfortable to do so. For those who are allergic to chilies, you can totally ignore this tip. It is not worth risking your health, plus there are tons more you can eat to help you boost your metabolism.

4. Coffee

According to studies, the caffeine in coffee helps pump up metabolism, but only in a short period of time. Also, a cup of coffee (black coffee) can burn up to 100 calories.

5. Milk

We all know that milk is a great source of calcium, but did you know that calcium helps your body burn fat effectively? This mineral is essential to metabolize stored fat.

6. Whole Grains/Whole Wheat

Do you love bread? If you do, then I suggest you opt for whole grains rather than regular white ones. Why? Whole grains are generally better than regular wheat because it still contains its pulp. A wheat’s pulp is rich in fiber. Fibers contains very little to zero calories, yet it is essential to digestion because it sweeps off bacteria, germs, and left overs in the intestinal walls. Also, consuming food that are high in fiber helps burn more energy because it fools your brain that you’re still full while braking down store fats.

7. Lentils

As I mentioned earlier, iron is an important ingredient in the ‘boosting metabolism’ and ‘weight loss’ concoction. Based on statistics, 1 out of 5 women all over the world has iron deficiency. This mineral deficiency adds more fat layers on your waistline and increase your risks of more serious health problems like anemia, leukemia, and a lot more. Good thing, a cup of lentils a day can provide you up to half of your daily recommended iron needs.

8. Oolong Tea and Green Tea

Tea, just like coffee, also contains caffeine, but aside from that, it also has catechins. Both caffeine and catechins are great for boosting metabolism and burning fat. Oolong tea, for example, can burn 100 calories a day in just one cup.

9. Cocoa/Cacao

Cacao or cocoa are great for baking, hot drink, or chocolate bars. Did you know that raw cocoa has the ability to lessen the absorption of calories? If so, there will be less fat store in your belly. Great! Also, consuming raw cocoa or pure dark chocolate can stimulate your hormones to use fat, instead, for energy.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

Well, who doesn’t know that wonders of apple cider vinegar, right? It is just great for our body, period. No wonder it is also great for boosting our metabolism. There’s this one study conducted by scientists on mice. Overweight ones were given couple drops of pure apple cider vinegar and their vitals, behaviors, and overall health were closely monitored. In this said experiment, scientists were able to conclude that apple cider vinegar helped reduce the mice’s liver and belly fat. It also helped regulate their weight. A tablespoon of pure apple cider vinegar everyday can burn at least 200 calories. Although, you have to be a little careful on your APV intake because it is a strong acid. A minimum of 3 teaspoons to a maximum of 6 teaspoons would be great.

Now that you’ve learned about different food that can boost your metabolism, let me give you some tips on how to change your lifestyle and outlook for a generally better health.


5 Best Tips to Change Your Lifestyle


• Go for high-protein low-GI (glycemic index) food – in a high-protein low-GI diet, you can have better control of your blood sugar level and lower chance of layering up your fat storage.

• Get some sun – sun exposure, specifically in early morning ‘til 9 am, is great for setting your circadian rhythm right. A good and stable body clock means a well-regulated metabolism.

• Get some good night’s sleep – enough eye shut at night helps repair your body, give it a good rest, and recharge your energy. According to experts, 7-8 hours of sleep at night can reduce fat on your belly.

• Exercise – there’s nothing more I can say here. Exercise, obviously, keeps you healthy and strong.

• Less stress more smiles – instead of wasting your time stressing out on something, why not just take deep breaths, watch a funny pranks or cute cat videos, and have a good laugh. Overall, it’s just a good mix of balanced diet and exercise.

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