ABC Diet Plan

abc diet bowl of fruits

Having too much fat in your body and make you look fat is really disturbing as it will change your whole look and you might need some extra diet that will help you to lose weight within weeks.

There are many kinds of diet program for losing weight and many of them are strict. Some diet program may not allow this and that and some just don’t. Some diet program may require regular workout and healthy food and some diet just don’t require anything but it just requires low calories consumption.

Even there are many kinds of diet program too that requires low calories but some program just want to replace the common calorie from your daily or habit of food should be replaced. The combination of your food might be replaced for better metabolism. But there is one simple and a bit difficult to do in gaining willing for this diet. It is ABC Diet that some people also call it as Ana Boot Camp Diet.

What exactly is the ABC diet plan?

The ABC dietary plan works on the foundation the body’s metabolism has been fooled by eating a varied degree of calories, therefore it won’t experience much starvation. Where in actuality the metabolism is slowed up towards the minimum rather it adopts a defensive mode. The ABC diet plan is dependent on the concept that changing between days where you consume 400 to 500 calories allow you to lose excess weight and could keep the body out-of starvation mode where you consume 100 to 200 calories and days.

Many people who undergo the ABC diet plan they find it very efficient, however not for long, as after conclusion they gain the majority of their weight back and result in a worst condition subsequently before it was began by them.

Popular tagline of ABC Diet

The tagline of ABC diet is “EAT LOW CALORIE AND SEE THE FAST RESULT” it represents on whole program of ABC diet where they always campaign on using low calories food only in losing weight. It works about 5 weeks and some people just need more weeks to gain more weight loss but for some people who just need less weight loss, they may need only 5 weeks to see the fast result.

The program is about using low calorie food in their daily. Some days are with 200 calories only and some are 500 calories only. The five days on entire weeks is about 100-500 calories and the rest days are 100-800c calories. That is why some experts do not suggest this diet as the common calorie we need is about 1000-2000 calories. ABC diet is all about low calorie consumption and some people may not be able to stand within 5 week because there are many risks too with this ABC diet.

ABC Diet Plan can be found on the below chart.

The risk of ABC Diet

The common risk of ABC diet is low blood sugar that will drop during your diet. It is common as you just eat low calories. Some people may suffer malnutrition and dizziness especially in the first week as your metabolism just want to adapt the new kind of pattern on taking meal. The muscles loss, fatigue, osteoporosis and others can be another risk of using ABC diet for weight loss but if you believe that you can go through this diet in 5 weeks. Those risks can be recovered in next week as you will have your normal pattern back.

abc diet risk

  • Energy loss by the low level of blood sugar

  • Malnutrition

  • Fatigue and exhaustion

  • Obsession over nutrition intakes, especially calories, fat, and sugar

  • Paranoia at some point that could lead to depression

  • Prone to illness that caused by virus and low temperatures

  • Mental problems regarding eating disorder