Stay in Shape: How to Maintain Your Weight While Travelling

Yes, you’re not home and you’re not around the people you know while on a trip. But you will be, eventually. So mark this when you’re thinking of eating wildly and forgiving yourself with the help of ‘traveling card’ when you eat more than usual. A trip can be a distraction for you not to realize how much weight you’re gaining. So before it gets worse, control yourself and consider these tips on how to maintain your weight while travelling seriously. Remember, you’re supposed to bring experiences and souvenirs home, not extra pounds!

Limit Your Portion

This might be the most effective yet hardest tip to do when it comes to maintain your weight. By limiting or cutting off your portion, you will get less calories or fat from the food. This will also make your body get used to small portions and a better control, which will be probably useful even when you get home. Eat the right calories per day and don’t freak out, you won’t starve yourself.

Eat Local

Some countries or cities have their own comfort food, and this can be the perfect way to get more experience on your trip. Not only experience, you might get the benefit of cutting off fat or calories, since traditional food is usually using less processed ingredients than the ones you usually eat in restaurants or diners. Traditional food is also usually using fresh local ingredients, so you get to eat more healthy food.

Apply Healthy Diet to the Trip

This tip is actually applied on daily basis, not just for the trip. Healthy diet is sometimes needed, especially if you’re feeling extra fat in your hips or thighs. The simple healthy diet requires healthy food, such as vegetables, fruits, or nuts. You can start adding these kind of food into your meals every day and see how it will change you. In addition to healthy food, you also have to watch your sugar and calories. Yes, you need sugar in certain amount every day, but keep it low. It can be cutting off your dessert portion, or avoiding sugar-based glazes such as BBQ, teriyaki or some salad dressings.

Get Moving

So you might plan your trip as a quiet and peaceful vacation away from work and another stressful things. This peaceful trip might include get up late, relax and read books in peace, or stay at your hotel room all day. This is good, but don’t get lazy all the way up until it’s time to go home. A one or two days trip is okay, but three to a week trip is a disaster if you don’t get moving! Bring your old running shoes and your favorite pair of training to get you motivated. Try to jog in the new environment, and you’ll get a whole new experience. If the place is not suitable for jogging, you can hit the hotel gym or sport center. Not only for jogging or exercise, you can also use your running shoes to explore local scenery that requires long hikes or walks.