ABD Diet Rules

low calorie dietABC Diet stands for Ana Boot Camp Diet. It is a low calorie diet thaw became popular through internet.

It is an extreme diet, pro-anorexia, that lasts for 50 days.

I can show some really impressive results before and after.

ABC Diet rules are easy to follow.

During those days the maximum calories intake are up to 800. Also there are 5 “fast” days where is not allowed to consume any calories.

On most days, you are allowed to eat 0 to 500 calories below the recommended calorie intake per day.

The Risk

As mentioned earlier, this method could be dangerous and extremely risky. Especially for people who are anorexic to begin with. Here is the list of the risk of the damages you could get by doing ABC Diet:

  • Energy loss by the low level of blood sugar
  • Malnutrition
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Obsession over nutrition intakes, especially calories, fat, and sugar
  • Paranoia at some point that could lead to depression
  • Prone to illness that caused by virus and low temperatures
  • Mental problems regarding eating disorder