The 2468 Diet

Having round thighs, cheeks, and stomach is frustrating for most of the women. The paradigm of a good body for a woman is believed as small waist, skinny limbs, proportional cheeks, and proportional body weight after all.
However, research says that women are created to have more appetite than men. The appetite even gets worse when women are near the period. As a woman, you surely know well that woman tends to keep the extra fat in many body parts like cheeks, limbs, or stomach. And it becomes frustrating when you see in the mirror that you save too much.
Dieting is always being the one of the top solutions for losing weight. Although not all the dieting method gives quick and success result. Diet is a promising way of losing weight besides of surgical method. Dieting also absolutely spends less money than surgical weight loss.

There are many sorts of diets which is one of them is the 2468 diet. The 2468 diet is a kind of diet with calories counting method. Just like the other diets, it requires a strong determination for the impressive result. I will not say that it is easy to follow because all the success diets depend on your strong commitment.

The calories counting for this diet is well represented by the name. The scheme is that in the first day you need to consume only 200 calories. It is followed by 400 calories on the next day, 600 calories on the third day, and 800 calories on the fourth day. It will not stop right here because you have to repeat the scheme until you reach your targeted weight loss.

Here you can see the plan.

If you ask whether it is ok or not to eat side snacks besides primary food, then the answer is okay and not okay. It is okay only if your snack does not pass the daily calories. On the other hand, it is not okay if it passes over your daily calories. You are prohibited to take more than defined calories for each day.
Despite the fact that you are not strictly prohibited to eat snacks, it is better for you to avoid them. Because they are not nutritious. And although this diet does not concern on the nutritious food, it is way better for you to eat like vegetables or fruit.
I say once more that the result depends on your commitment and strong will. For a week, people will lose about 3300 calories. If you want to see the progress of your diet weekly, you can use online apps on the internet. For the diet period, there is no certain set time. Commonly people do it for six until eight weeks.
For the daily consumption, you can manage your meals per day. It is okay whether you make it three times a day or more. However, I recommend you to make it for smaller meals because this way is better than a bigger one.
Many people gain the weight back after finishing this diet, so it is important for you to stabilize your weight. I cannot say whether this diet is good or not. All the matters depend on your need and your body condition. I recommend you to visit your doctor for some advice before making a commitment to this diet.
Before you do this diet, you should know the risks of it. Remember to focus on eating vegetables and fruits. For the more efficient result and your good, company your diet with routine exercises. If you unintentionally or intentionally making mistakes by passing the calories, you should do cardio. Cardio is believed as the best way of burning fat in the thorough body.