Dangers Involved In ABC Diet

Staying slim and trim is the heartiest wish of each and everybody. But our hectic schedules often oppose the possibility of keeping ourselves fit and shaped. Nowadays people do not have time for jogging or exercises. Even they have no time to prepare food for a healthy diet. Therefore Ana Boot Camp diet was introduced to solve this problem. This diet is very easy to maintain. The terms and conditions of this diet are to maintain the carbohydrate. For the first two weeks you have to take only 20 grams of carbohydrate per day. But there is no restriction upon intake of proteins and fats. This way your fats will be cut off day by day without starvation.

But if you cut off the carbohydrate form our diet then what the result will be. Carbohydrate is a very necessary source of energy and it contains fuel of brain. Non-refined brown rice and whole grained breads are very profitable to our health.


  • They contain vitamin B in a huge form and having fibers which is very important for diet.
  • They clean the colon, main the cholesterol level of blood, and run the digestive system in a proper way which is very important to lead a healthy life.

So let’s face the question again: “is ABC diet safe?” Health and nutrition experts always say that low carbohydrate diets are not safe in the long run.

Here are some of the ABC diet dangers and risks!

  • Lack of energy

Carbohydrates are main sources of energy. If you leave it you will not get sufficient energy to maintain the functionalities of your system. Even you will be unable to run the digestive system properly.

  • Impaired central nervous system function

Insufficient supply of carbohydrate sends lesser energy through the brain. Brain consumes a lot of energy. Transfer of energy through neurons is getting harmed and this brain function is not doing work properly. It will affect metabolic order also. This may cause damage to cell’s survival.

  • Headaches

Another effect of ABC diet dangers and risks is headache. Experts have recognized a number of factors which causes the pain. The reason differs from person to person. Many dieters consume caffeinated liquids because of fluctuated blood sugars which may be a major cause of headache. Sometimes addictions of carbohydrates like sugar and breads may result into headache.


  • Irritability

Lack of sufficient carbohydrate in the brain stops serotonin in the brain and supplies lesser energy. That’s why the normal functionality of the brain gets hampered and affects the mood to be irritated.


  • Effects in sleeping

Lack of carbohydrate does not let you a sound sleep.

  • Does not sustain and hence will make you to GAIN weight after the weight loss



American Dietetic Association and AHA have strictly stated of serious ABC diet dangers and risks, especially to those who are heart patients, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes.AHA also have shown concern about the ABC dieters for huge periods of time they are not getting sufficient minerals and vitamins which increases the risk of disorder of kidney and liver along with osteoporosis.