Eating and losing weight, the secret in fast metabolism

The Fast Metabolism Diet keeps you eating a lot but you still, lose weight. Instead of counting the fat or gram, you rotate what you consume through every week as outlined in a simple plan created to set your metabolism ablaze. For example, you could have fruits and carbs between Monday and Tuesday and vegetables and proteins through Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday and over the weekend, you could have similar things you had during the week but include oils and some healthy fat. This regimen can be repeated for a month.

Diet Focus

Each cycle of the fast metabolism diet focuses on the different healthy food that reduces liver stress, calm adrenal glands as well as feeding your thyroid to produce T3 and T4 hormones, which spark fast metabolism. Reducing stress also cuts production of cortisol, the hormone responsible for belly fat. Your metabolism works faster if you keep it guessing and is recommended for people with chronic ailments who need to lose weight as needed.

Mini Fruit Tarts

Mini Fruit Tarts

MAKES: 12 tarts


½ cup plain flour sifted

1 tablespoon sugar

2 tablespoons (30g) Flora® Light margarine

1 egg white

cooking spray


¾ cup trim milk

1½ tablespoons custard powder

½ teaspoon vanilla essence

1 tablespoon sugar

1 x 125g tub vanilla low-fat Fruche® Fromage Frais


6 strawberries or raspberries

6 slices kiwi fruit

24 blueberries

4 teaspoons apricot fruit spread (Weight Watchers)


Preheat oven 180º fan forced.

To make pastry: Combine flour and sugar into a medium size mixing bowl. Melt margarine. Using a small whisk blend egg white with margarine then pour into flour and fold together. You may need to use your hands. Place pastry onto a well-floured surface and roll thinly. Use an 8cm scone cutter that has been dipped in flour to cut 12 bases. Coat a 12-holed muffin tin with cooking spray and place the 12 pastry bases into holes. Bake 15-20 minutes or until lightly browned.

To make filling: In a medium size saucepan add milk, custard powder, essence and sugar. Using a whisk stir continuously until boiled. Be careful not to have the heat on high as it may scorch the base. Place into a small bowl and refrigerate until cooled. Once cooled, fold in Fruche and combine well.

To assemble tarts: Spoon about 1½ tablespoons of filling into each pastry case. Then top with half a slice of each fruit and 2 blueberries. Heat fruit spread in microwave and spoon a little over top of each tart to glaze fruit. Refrigerate until required.



Replace fruit with any fruit of your choice.


Not suitable to be frozen.

Nutritional   Information                 
FIBRE   0.5g
PROTEIN   2.3g
CARBS   11.0g
SUGAR   5.5g
SODIUM   22mg
KILOJOULES   281 (cals 67)







Garlic Prawns with Spinach and Tomatoes

Garlic Prawns with Spinach and Tomatoes

Garlic Prawns with Spinach and Tomatoes

 cooking spray
600g raw prawns peeled
2 teaspoons crushed garlic (in jar)
1 bag (160g) baby spinach leaves
¾ cup shallots sliced
1 sachet (15g) Spring Vegetable Cup-a-Soup
2 teaspoons cornflour
1 cup skim milk
125g light cream cheese 50% reduced-fat (Select®)
1 punnet cherry tomatoes cut in half
¼ teaspoon crushed black pepper

Step 1: In a large frypan or wok that has been coated with cooking spray, sauté prawns and garlic for 2 minutes.

Step 2: Add spinach and fold together until softened. Add shallots and toss well.

Step 3: Combine soup mix and cornflour with milk then whisk together. Pour into pan and stir until boiled.

Step 4: Fold in cream cheese and blend well.

Step 5: Fold tomatoes and pepper into mix. Serve with either pasta or Basmati rice.

Variation: Replace prawns with 600g diced skinless chicken breast.

Suitable to be frozen for 2-3 weeks.

DIETITIAN’S TIP: Prawns contain lots of vitamin B and are low in fat and rich in protein, zinc, iron and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 lowers blood triglycerides, which are linked to heart disease and stroke.

FAT   TOTAL 3.9g 5.6g
         SATURATED 2.3g 2.8g
FIBRE 1.7g 1.7g
PROTEIN 25.2g 27.3g
CARBS 6.1g 6.1g
SUGAR 4.7g 4.7g
SODIUM 576mg 281mg
KILOJOULES 679 (cals   162) 777 (cals   186)